Introduction into the Natural-Haired Queendom

Me With a Flexi-Rid Twist Out. Thanks to Collegiate speech and debate competitor Mernine Ameris for capturing this moment!
Me With a Flexi-Rid Twist Out.     Credit: Mernine Ameris

Hey hey hey Queens and Kings,

Micailah here! I am currently a sophomore public relations major and women’s studies minor at Texas State University. I am also a member of The Texas State University Elton Abernathy Forensics Speech and Debate Society. I am looking forward to starting my first blog ever with you wonderful beings as my audience!

Please come and join me in my Queendom to discuss something we all have and that is particularly dear to me, the crown on our heads, our hair. Many regard hair as a sign of strength and confidence yet it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that doing your hair can be a hassle and drive you to cut it all off and go completely bald. Waaaait! With my blog, I hope to make your journey with your hair a little more accessible and entertaining!

My hair means a lot to me. Not only does my hair represent my own strength and confidence, but my hair is also a product of many cultural journeys pertaining to my idea of the Black woman and that’s really what I want to explore with this blog. My journey in loving and truly caring for my hair began eight and a half years ago! I took an African American History course in middle school and “creamy-crack,” more commonly known as “perms” quickly became a thing of the past as I made a pact with myself to,”become connected with my roots!” Since then, my ideology has modified itself from it’s radical nature of connecting to my African side, to simply using my hairstyles as a form of protest to promote acceptance of Blackness and Black culture.
So, if you’re still with me, I hope to give you some tips and tricks to spice up your hairstyles, display my love for my hair, and hopefully throw in a dash of some Black woman magic every now and then! 😉
I plan on posting updates to my Twitter (@my_k_luh_97) and Facebook accounts (Micailah Nobles) every time I post a blog, so if you’re friends with me, keep an eye out for your girl! Love y’all! 🙂

Until next time, Royalty!




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