Natural Bloggers Reviewing Other Natural Bloggers and basking in Shea Moisture together! :)

Hey there Royalty,

So, this blog post is a little different than my previous posts as I will use this entry to review another Natural blogger! I think it is very important to engage in self-examination and reflection and is why I’m glad to get into this particular post as it allows me to not only give praise to Happy Kinks Forever (HKF), the Naturalista blogger that I will be reviewing tonight, but it also renders me the opportunity to reflect on my blog, strengthen my message of self -empowerment, secure a concrete place in this space, as well as engage in comradery by networking. In other words, I am very excited for this blog entry and I hope you are too. So let’s dive right into it. 🙂

Happy Kinks Forever is ran by a beautiful natural-hair guru who updates her blog frequently with different tips, tricks, pictures, and products for her viewers to take a look at and potentially invest in.  I reviewed 2 of her blogs and can’t wait for her to update again. She is thorough and straight to the point, and I really appreciated that! The first blog I reviewed revolved around her “go-to” products which included Shea Moisture Mongongo & Hemp Seed High Porosity Moisture Seal Style Gel, Rosewater, and Jasmin Vitamin E Skin Oil. She explains that while she used to not like the results that she saw when utilizing Shea Moisture products, things change. And I think that take-away is extremely important when conquering ones’ natural hair journey; hair changes especially when the seasons change as hair gets brittle or really thick and coarse. Sometimes products that gave you a hard time back in 2008 can serve as your breakthrough in 2017! Don’t block your blessings, hun!!! In addition to this, she also provided a list of the ingredients in the Shea Moisture product that she used which I think provides her viewers with transparency as it allows them to be completely informed on a product that they might want to buy.

The second blog post of hers that I viewed involved her using Aveda Flaxseed Aloe Gel. Aveda is a phenomenal beauty institute and I actually had the opportunity of getting my hair done by some of their up and coming stylists. I haven’t tried any of their products as, and HKF can attest to this, they are definitely on the expensive side. I prefer the Daddy’s Naturals Flaxseed Gel as you get a good bank for your buck! Nevertheless, it definitely worked for HKF  when she performed a bantu-knot out on her hair with Aveda Flaxseed Aloe Gel. Not only did her hair turn out extremely sleek and luxorious, but it kept its length and didn’t get completely ate up by shrinkage. In addition to this, her curls are SERIOUSLY defined and her hair has some amazingly bouncy volume! Another thing that I loved about her blog literacy, especially in this post, is that she provided close-up clear pictures of her hair and curl patterns, again I think transparency is key when trying to persuade others to follow you, and she is a Queen at that!!!

Looook at her curl pattern and its definition!! She’s a NAATURALLL!!!

Overall, I really enjoy reviewing Happy Kinks Forever! Give her blog a  quick run through, you won’t regret it! 🙂 😉

Night, beauts!

-QueenNobles ❤


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