My First Ever Video Blog! <3 ;)

Hi Queens, so for my fifth blog I decided to do something different! Apparently this set of blog posts is for adventuring! This entry is my very first vlog or video blog featuring results from a week old twist-out, some transformations that make that 3 week old twist out look very stylish, as well as a head wrap! If for some reason, the video isn’t working for you, click here to go directly to my YouTube channel and view the video from there. As mentioned in my video, I am an open slate for critiques so let me know what you think in the comment sections and reviews!

Here’s one angle of my headwrap that is featured in this video!
Credit: Micailah Nobles
Another angle of my head wrap! 🙂 🙂
Credit: Micailah Nobles

I’m also going to include some pictures of my week-old twist out as well as different angles of the featured headwrap!

Good night, Royalty!

Here’s me sporting my combination three-strand, two-strand, and braid outs.
Credit: Micailah Nobles

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