Hi, I am Micailah Nobles. I am a public relations major and women’s studies minor at Texas State University. When I am not concentrating on my studies, you can find me with my fingers in my hair, a song on my heart and lips, or a black book in my hand. In other words, when I am not in class, I am either trying out a new natural hairstyle, belting out a music note, or competing at a speech and debate competition in a skirt suit, and in some cases, all three (#QueenStatus). Below I will attempt to explain the ways in which these three components have managed to shape my life and express my gratitude for them as well.

My natural hair journey is a wild one that involves a lot of Shea butter and coconut oil. It is indicative of my constant fear of being judged as well as my longing to stand on my own principles no matter who criticizes me. I say that because I initially made the decision to transition to a natural hair lifestyle after I took an African and African American Studies course in the 7th grade (yes, very militant, I know) in which I began to take pride in the natural texture of my hair, but I also did not take part in the Big-Chop but instead let my natural hair grow gradually and trimmed biweekly because I did not want people to react negatively to my change so I avoided that conflict altogether. Now? I do me, boo! I have garnered self-love through expression of my crown (hair). So much so that I even started a blog that covers everything from tips on washing hair to styling hair to garnering that aforementioned self-love.

Me on the first day that I went outside with my box braids!
Credit: Aria Nobles


Singing is and has always been a passion of mine. I have been singing since I was 4 years old and have not stopped since. I’m not kidding, I sing all of the time. I started out singing in the church. As my faith in God increased, my shyness dwindled and I went from the little bashful girl with a big mouth who would close her eyes when she led a song, to the young woman who finally opened her eyes and wasn’t afraid to throw in a little rift on her ad-lib. My roots are undeniably in Gospel music but I also sing a little Rhythm and Blues, Jazz, and I like choral music as well, although it is not my forte. I can sing a little country if need be, but I don’t really frequent that genre as much as the others. Some of my favorites artists and groups include Tamela Mann, Latice Crawford, Anthony Hamilton and The Hamiltones, Zacardi Cortez, Rance Allen, Jazmine Sullivan, Jennifer Hudson, Rihanna, Beyonce, and Carrie Underwood. I enjoy impromptu jam sessions as well, so if you ever feel like you wanna vibe, hit me up; I got you! 🙂

I first found out about speech and debate at the end of my 8th grade year. I had just moved to Pflugerville, Texas from the east side of Austin, Texas in the middle of the school year, and was stuck trying to find my place in a world so foreign to me. I’m sure you can imagine how the difference in demographics could easily create a major culture shock, and it did! Yah gurl was lost! But I quickly found my way through a leadership course that I took at Park Crest Middle School. Members of the Pflugerville High School speech and debate team came to my leadership course on the day we were reading published poetry (I’m pretty sure I read a ton of Emily Dickinson, so that’s cool), and not only watched our performances but talked about their high school program. I was hooked! Ever since then, my love for speaking on important messages has taken my experience within speech and debate to new heights. I competed on the high school circuit all four years of my high school career where I served as captain for 2 and a half years and saw many national outrounds. I am now a 2 year returning member of the Texas State University Speech and Debate Team and have garnered some success, some really amazing suits, and a plethora of friends from around the U.S. Being able to speak for those who may not have a means to speak for themselves and help to better their plights, speak on race relations and other controversial issues have helped me better understand and navigate my place in this huge world; the pretty suits and amazing human beings, are simply pluses to the gains I’ve received in this activity.

My friend took this of me in Peoria, Illinois while competing at Speech Nationals
Credit: Mernine Ameris- George Mason University




My friend and HS speech teammate, Jordan, and I at a collegiate speech tournament.
Credit: Rachel Evans, UT-Austin










Thank y’all for tuning in. I hope y’all have a fun time reading through my blog!