My Natural Hair Journey! THIS IS IT, Y’ALL!

Hi Royalty,

Last week I uploaded an iMovie video that consisted of me asking some very lovely ladies 3 important questions about their hair! (Click this link to watch, if you want, and then come back to mine!) After uploading that video, I figured what better way to end this section of blogs then to answer these questions myself? So, I decided to upload an unedited video of myself answering the same three questions. This will be my last post for a while as finals are starting to pick up, so this one does get a little sentimental. (FOREWARNING!) As always, like, comment, subscribe and let me know how y’all feel! ❤

Before you watch the video, I have created a photo slideshow that includes many pictures of my different hairstyles over the years. My hope is that it depicts the self-love and expression that I have garnered over the years as I became more comfortable with the different stages of my hair.

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Here’s the video! Press PLAY: 




Thank you all so much for all the support and love that you all have shown me! It’s been a great ride! I promise this isn’t the end!

Peace, Love and Hair-grease!

QueenNobles ❤


Summarizing my Blog Journey to This Day

Hey Royalty,

Instead of presenting new content, I’m going to take the time to review my blog statistics. I also want to let you all know of somethings that I have had the pleasure of learning and figuring out during my first attempt at a blog site. I think it’s important for self-reflection and outward self-examination, and that is what I have purposed this blog for. So, now that the introductory piece is over and done with (Cheeeeck!!!), let’s get started with some observations.

So, to start off, I’d like to discuss some tools that I utilized within each blog post and why some were effective and why others weren’t. In my most visited blog posts (Introduction to Natural-Haired Queendom[27 views from initial post to now] and Protective Styles [2 favorites and 23 views from initial post to now]), you’ll notice that my tone of voice and sentence structure are a lot more genuine than in some of my other posts. I consider this to be a tool because how you word and present things are going to be one of the most important components that will allow you to reach your target audience and maybe even unintended audiences as well. Allowing my audience to see an authentic version of myself through my writing about the various stages of my hair and reasonings behind them, is what I believed to be why I garnered the amount of views and interests that I did.

A second tool that I found really effective was the usage of vlogs or video blogs. This, I think, provided a real life element to a blog, where words are generally the dominant way of communicating. It allowed my audience to see who I was and grow with me. Something that I find to be very unique and potentially really inspiring. A third tool that I found effective was using headlines and bullet points to section off information. I felt that this provided more clarity for you all, and I will definitely continue to utilize these tools when necessary.

Now for some tools that I found ineffective:

I utilized a couple of different widgets and they all seemed to garner little to no attention and, to  me, seemed rather useless. I added a twitter widget that promote my twitter account but it seemed to just kind of lurk in the background and lose its intended purpose. Another widget that I added was an “about me” widget that seemed terribly redundant as I recently made an About Me Webpage on this website. So, eh, it was weird for me.

Potential for improvement? ALWAYS!

Being that this is my first attempt at having a consistent flow of information on the Internet that I am solely responsible for, I realized along the way that there are many things that I could improve upon as I continue this Journey. Number one is posting regularly! Oh my Lord, your girl is busy 24/7 so updating my blog regularly was not always feasible but as I continue with my blog, that is one thing that I want to make sure I get better at maintaining. A second component by which I feel I can improve on is having a variety of pictures. A lot of the pictures that I used were taken by me and of me; however, I want to expand a little to utilize pictures taken of me by someone else or pictures taken by me of someone/something else. Of course, proper attributes will be applied but I think implementing that will allow for a broader more accessible flow of communication and likability. People like variety, I think that may be satisfied through better more inclusive styles of pictures.

In addition to some improvements, I would like to take a brief moment to state potential prospects of my blog and what I have gathered from creating my own blog. I know that I’d like to continue using this blog because it has helped me become more genuine in my everyday pursuits and more self-actualized. For me this blog has allowed me to become more confident in how I hold and see myself. I believe those attributes of confidence and self-actualization are characteristics that I can take into any job interview or graduate school interview and be able to present myself in an adequate, promising, and competent manner.

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Lastly, my most popular week was the week of March 6th- March 12th! I received 36 views, 23 visitors, 1 like and 2 comments. That week of blogs featured:

My most popular post of the year was my very first introductory post with my Protective Styles blog being a very close second. Thanks for showing me love that week during my second blog review, guys!

I want to thank y’all for the love and support that you all have rendered unto me during this journey! My blog is not over so I’m not crying just yet! I will be back, quicker than Shea Moisture went out of business!!! (YES, THAT’S A CLAPBACK, BOO!!!) Hahaha!!! In the meantime, follow me on my  Instagram (@queennobles__) page to check out my adventures and journeys with my hair through pictures and funny captions.

Until we meet, again, my loves!


Queen Nobles! It’s been a blast, y’all! ❤

Black Women and Hair! (Natural or Not!)

Hey Royalty,
So, I conducted a few interviews in which I asked my participants multiple questions concerning their journey with their hair. I decided to condense my findings and use these two lovely ladies to create this video, as they offer two different perspectives on Black women and hair.  As always, feedback and suggestions are welcomed and appreciated.

Press Play:


That’s all for this blog post! I hope y’all enjoy listening to what these women have to say! Y’all are definitely in for a treat this week! ❤ 🙂

-Queen Nobles ❤ ❤

Box Braids Video Blog!! 👏🏾🙌🏾💅🏾🤗

Hi, Royalty,

Today’s post will feature my second video blog! I am so happy to be sharing this video with you all. I will be recreating two different hairstyles in under 7 minutes! As mentioned in the video, due to my location, I do not have the products and tools that I would normally have access to, but I will be hyperlinking them below so that you can, at the very least, see what they are and where you can buy them from.

Press Play:


Products used and/ or mentioned in video:

Lastly, here are some pictures of my hair when it is all down. Normally, I wear it up, but I think creating this video helped me see that I like my box braids when they’re down too.




Thank you so much for viewing my second video blog! Goodnight, Queens and Kings!

-Queen Nobles🎉

Protective Styles!!! ❤🎉🤗

Hello to all of my beautiful hair gurus in the making,

Today I want to render some golden nuggets on dealing with protective styles, specifically ones that concern added hair or weave. On the weekend of spring break, I decided I was going to get my hair done in Box Braids. I was extremely reluctant to get my hair done that way at first because sometimes people are terrible people and like to judge professionalism on hair and not competency, but that’s another discussion for another time. (#CLAPBACKONHOLD!!!) That being said, I decided to finally do something for Micailah for once, and I am absolutely loving it. Sidenote: My weakness is that I care a lot about others, even when that care and love isn’t reciprocated. However, this time, I wasn’t going to allow my desire to please others and to keep everyone around me comfortable, to be at my own expense. #NOTTODAYSATAN!!! Hahaha! In other words, sometimes self love, and self care, need to take a front row seat, and for me, it began with getting Box Braids, Boo! 👏🏾😄
(That alliteration is pretty cool, don’t you think? HAHA!) So, without further adieu, let’s get down to it!


Some things I wish I had known:

For starters, let me just say that I had not had added hair in my head since I was in the 2nd grade because my father thought they were too “womanish.” BAHAHA!  Sooo, getting back into the swing of things was, well, rather adventurous. Initially, I wish I would have been aware of how long it would take to get my hairstyle completed. I decided to get my hair done over spring break because while I would still have academic obligations over the break, they were definitely less demanding as we were on “break,” so I thought I had time. Boy, did I miscalculate. It took about 8-9 hours total for this style to be complete, and that figure does not account for eating lunch and dinner, taking breaks, or any other external forces. That being said, it was probably due to the meticulous and perfectionist nature of my hairstylist, and I’m perfectly content with that being the case as my hair is so beautiful, if I do say so myself. Hehe! Next, I wish I would have been mentally and physically prepared to have my head weighed down by all of this hair. It is A LOT of hair, let me tell you. However, as far as that goes, it does get better as the tension does ease up and by about my fourth week of having my Box Braids in, my head stopped hurting and things became significantly better for me. LOL! Finally, I JUST WISH SOMEBODY WOULDA TOLD YAH GURL ABOUT DANDRUFF!! Lord, I was freaking out when the front of my head started flaking up! I called my sister and messaged my hairstylist. I seriously thought I was having an allergic reaction to this hair, which in hindsight, actually makes absolutely NO SENSE AT ALL! LIKE NONE! HAHAHAH! But Lord did I think this was a grave travesty! Tip Alert: I was advised to utilize Vaseline (or something kin to it, Carmex chap-stick works just as well) on the parts where the dandruff had surfaced, and things went back to normal. It’s A simple house-keeping/ hair-keeping rule that I didn’t know about and have since corrected. So, apply Vaseline to your roots at night, and you should be able to maintain!


What I love so far:

I will hit my one month mark next week and my hair still looks very fresh, and I am super appreciative of that because I know some people who have to take their hair down in one months time because of improper care. Luckily, I have been fortunate to engage in a hair care routine that has allowed my hair to stay looking cute and not get terribly frizzy or unkempt in any way. The first thing that you want to watch out for is your edges. You do not want to snatch your edges too early on. High pony-tails, high buns, half pony-tails are a huge no-no during the first couple of days of having the style because it puts too much pressure on your tiny little hair follicles and can (AND WILL) break them off. And not having edges is not cute! You want your hair to look bouncy and neglecting to take care of your edges will have the opposite effect. Secondly, make sure you oil your scalp and the braids as well. I use Moroccan Argan Penetrating Oil as it keeps my hair shiny and silky. Also, yes, the added hair won’t grow in length, but it is still hair and it can get frizzy, especially your ends, so oil, please! Lastly, make sure to wrap your hair at night. If you don’t wrap your hair, you are setting your self up for a rude awakening!! (HA, see what I did there? Because, you’ll be WAAAKING UP… NO? ok, never mind then! Bahaha!) Personally, I use two scarves: one silk scarf to wrap my edges, and then one inch and a half cloth that try all of my hair up in. I put my hair in a mini bun so all of my hair can fit into the head wrap.


Here are some pictures of the different hairstyles that I’ve been wearing lately:

Me performing a prose on spousal caregivers at the Texas State Speech AFA Showcase before the team left for Nationals.
Credit: Team Member Tyler Cole
Taken in between AFA Speech rounds by a dear friend of mine in Peoria, Illinois. Thanks for making my goofy nature so photogenic.
Credit: Mernine Ameris


Me channeling my inner Carrie Fisher in my bathroom.
Credit: Micailah Nobles
Here’s me rocking my half bun and taking pictures by Old Main and the Chemistry building.
Credit: Micailah Nobles














-Queen Nobles ❤